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by Dennis M. Myers, 08/17/2019

While writing my original manuscript I added a throw-away line where one character (Elliot) says he feels like he has a hand with five aces. Another character points out that since there are six aces in a deck, someone else could have a royal flush and beat him. Five aces is not the highest ranking hand. At the time, I thought it was just funny and let it be.

Later, after I split that first draft into two novels, I needed to go back and add more story to both parts. I started by creating a problem for Elliot which resulted in a very large cash expenditure. I thought it wa... [More]

Fall in Love With Reading

by Patricia A. Myers, 08/14/2019

Hi from Dennis’s daughter, Tricia.

I grew up listening to my Dad tell me stories all the time. Especially on the long drive from my moms house to his. It took me years before I realized one of my favorite stories to talk about wasn’t even a real book! I’m still hoping for that one to be fleshed out by my awesome Dad. Needless to say my Dad fostered a passion for reading in me.

In my career as a middle school teacher I also try to foster that love of stories and reading in my students. It starts with my “story time” version of dramatically acting out historical event... [More]

Enduring Mission

by Dennis M. Myers, 08/10/2019

After I wrote the first two books in the Rise of the Automated Empire series, I started on the third (Broken Trust). To be fair, it was supposed to have been the second book at the time. Be that as it may, I know what that third book is going to be, and I have most of it plotted out and ready to go. I put it on the shelf for later, because I am working at starting a career. Writing three or four books in a series that depends heavily on that first book (Final Assembly), before that first book has actually been published, seemed like the wrong way to go. Besides, ... [More]