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Before the Automated Empire

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/13/2019

The last governments of the Earth were ruled by petty demagogues, populist dictators, and fallen heroes attempting to recapture imagined past glories. Much of humanity lived on Luna, on Mars, in orbital habitats around Earth and Mars and out in the belt. There were mining operations near all the giants and a research community in the clouds of Venus. But the governments of the Earth saw threats, where only corporations held sway.

No one knows the true reasons behind the attack. Some say the corporations were planning something nefarious. Others say the attackers fell under the ... [More]

Dust Problems

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/10/2019

When I was a kid, one of my favorite television shows was Space: 1999. If you never had the pleasure, the premise is that a huge nuclear explosion on the Moon pushes it out of orbit, and the poor folks living in Moonbase Alpha are sent along for the ride. They swoop past new worlds, and meet new aliens. Shredding the laws of physics at every turn. I was a little disappointed when I got older and realized that such an explosion would have simply turned the Moon into a great big could of rubble, before pushing it at high velocity out of orbit. We tend to think of ... [More]

Hazel, and the Connected Universe

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/6/2019

The first few books I read were all Robert Heinlein stories. The Star Beast, Red Planet, and The Rolling Stones were all given to my by my Mother and Grandmother. After that, the fire had been ignited, and I when I started 7th grade I ran to the Buffalo Junior High School library and went straight to the H section. I can't tell you in what order I read the books, but I can tell you that in The Rolling Stones, Hazel Stone, the wiley old grandmother, was my favorite character. As I neared the end of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, a side c... [More]

The Fourth of July

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/3/2019

My earliest memories of the 4th of July are of the family gathering on the shores of Lake Pulaski (in my hometown of Buffalo, Minnesota), and watching the fireworks from the beach. I remember the crowds, which looked huge to me back then, but now as I think about it, really weren't that much. Buffalo only had about 3,000 people back then. It's over five times larger today.

My favorite memory of the holiday so far was the one I celebrated in Las Vegas with my cousin, Lenny, and his family. I had my two teenage children, and we had flown to the desert for the week. ... [More]