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November Already?

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/6/2022

I've finished my most recent round of rewrites on the first Red Ice book, Murder on a Monochrome World and submitted it to a publisher. Well, the first three chapters, anyway. That should take a few months for a response.

I am now making another pass on the first Rise of the Automated Empire book, Final Assembly. I recently had an editor tell me I needed more conflict earlier in the story, so I performed a little surgery on one of the character introductions and will expand it a little as I go. I've been addressing issues people have had as I go, so I think it's very near to the best I can make it. I have already sent off a feeler for submitting it. I would cross my fingers at this point, but it's really hard to type with crossed fingers.

Another story I have been fiddling with is still percolating inside my skull. I'll just refer to it as my crappy fantasy story. It's a first person epic where the protagonist is not a hero, not a warrior, and not the chosen one. Matter of fact, his son, off fighting in the war, is a better fit for all that nonsense. This is an old man living a hard life in a little village that the war passed by. Meaning they became Orc territory a while back, and no one really noticed. That is, until their new Orc leadership showed up to take over the town. After I am done with Final Assembly, I might jump onto this one.

May has been home quite a bit these past several weeks. Her laboratory is a bit short funded, so it's cheaper to have her take excessive paid time off, rather than in the lab using expensive chemicals and equipment. If you know anything about my wife, you know this is uncomfortable for her. She's just a bit of a workaholic. That being said, the garden has been well tended and we have a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes.

Last month we spent a week in Pennsylvania with my daughter Tricia's new family. It was nice to spend time with her and her new significant other, George. Talk about a nice guy. The two get along very nicely. The first time he visited I introduced him to Band-Maid, and he likes them. Enough that on Wednesday of that week, the two of us went to a Band-Maid concert. Seeing my favorite band live on stage was a lot of fun. They are really amazing.

I hope life is treating you well. Thank you for your time.

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One Comment

Thursday, November 17, 2022 10:14 AM
Update: I am now working on the second book of the series, Precipice.

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