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by Dennis M. Myers, 03/1/2023

February was an amazing month of progress for me. Broken Trust is sitting at over 77,000 words and I am filling in gaps and expanding descriptions, which I am always shy of in early drafts.

I recently had a 4 day weekend and had set my goal at 10,000 words over the four days, which would have been a bit of a stretch from what I had been doing. However a combination of knowing what the scenes I needed were, and being very motivated propelled me to over 12,000 words in the first two days. So I spent the next few days shuffling the six viewpoints into one chronological story, found a bit of an issue, reshuffled, and have been rewriting scenes to make them fit in the new order they needed to go. And yes, my new highest daily word count is now 6,437. It was a long day, but I ended it feeling exhilarated.

This month I have a few things that will impact my time. My daughter's baby shower, Saga Writers Conference, and my daughter's wedding. Going to be busy most weekends this month. I still expect to make progress after work.

My son and I went to see Quantumania. That was a blast. If you have enjoyed the MCU movies so far, this is another fun trip. Oh, and there is a mid credit, and an end credit scene. I always wish I knew ahead of time how many scenes to wait for.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023 1:15 PM
The mistake I mentioned had to do with the time it takes to travel to Proximus with the old engines. I had missed where I had changed which engine the Pang Yu was using, and it changed where certain parts landed. Not huge, but it's a six week difference, so I had ended up with an entire month where none did anything. Not cool. All fixed, though.

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