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April: The Month of Pollen

by Dennis M. Myers, 04/14/2021

It's been a while since I've written an update. (For those of you paying attention, yes that's what I said last time.)

Conventions are starting to come back! On 5/7/2021, May and I will be at AtomaCon in Charleston, South Carolina this year. I look forward to seeing a few people I know, and meeting new friends. I'll be looking for advice, seeking knowledge, and probably having more than one drink at the bar.

The manuscript I submitted in 2019 (Final Assembly) is still under consideration, as is now the first of the Red Ice series, Luna 2414. Warning, that title may change. I am thinking that Murder on a Monochrome World might be better. I'll speak with the publisher about it. Meanwhile, I posted the first three chapters here in my blog. If you have read them and want more, volunteer to be a beta reader. All I ask is you tell me what you liked, and what didn't work for you.

Most recently I have been writing Red Ice 2: Dark Side of the Month. I am enjoying writing these books.

I'm still working from home, and that's all I have to say about that.

My daughter is wrapping up her job in North Carolina and will be staying with us until sometime this summer, when she transitions to Pennsylvania. I look forward to spending some quality tim with her, (i.e. badgering her to read my books).

Another change happening now is my wife, May, is attending a driving school, and intends to get her license this year. She never had one in Thailand, and while she's had a permit for nearly a decade, it was never a real priority. This year, she decided it was. So it's happening. I am fully supportive, proud of her, and slightly nervous. What a lovely mix of emotions. It reminds me that characters can feel more than one thing at a time.

If you are reading this, Thank You for your time.

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